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This Eye Necklace Not only fashion, but also mysterious power

The eyes on the necklace are carved vividly, and the outline, eyeballs, even the light in the eyes and the light around the eyes are depicted.

It comes from the amulet series of Monacor brand . The pattern is the "omniscient eye" protected from evil. In almost all civilizations, it is regarded as the symbol of "divine omniscient" and knows all knowledge. This symbol can also be seen in many artistic creations.

Monacor's necklaces are very suitable for mix and match. T-shirts, shirts and even swing collar suspenders can be worn. When you go far, you can basically meet all your needs.

When the basic models in the wardrobe can't bring out new ideas, try wearing monsieur, and maybe you can hit a different spark ~


Brand: Monacor

Origin: Handmade in France


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