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Items you must love in 2022

Periwinkle's letter necklace, the real thing is 26 English letters, the quality and details are perfect as always, I fell in love with it at first sight, 26 letters can be customized, I chose S

"S" to me probably means that everything is YES, everything goes well, everything goes well


So delicate and small, you can show your stlye effortlessly

Choose this right and wrong. The 26 letter sparkling diamond round necklace can be customized. Each letter has a unique meaning, and the details of the letter are full marks. 18k gold inlaid with diamonds sparkling beautifully fried, salty and sweet, high-end all-match is what it is. Choose the letter that belongs to you and send it to yourself, girlfriend or best friend

I usually wear it with a shirt or T-shirt. A few days ago, I made an appointment with my long-lost girlfriend at an Italian restaurant and tried to wear a Toteme dress.

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